Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fans Petition To Cancel Bravo’s Workout & Jackie Warner


Workout isn’t working out for it’s fans, and they’re petitioning to get Bravo to pull the show.


Are you ready for this?


Fans are fuming over Jackie’s “bad behavior” this season, and last night’s explosive episode where she fires Peeler, has fans calling her a “negative icon to the gay community”. Now, any gay on TV knows it’s hard to please the ENTIRE gay community (even us, it’s a no win situation), but we’re reporters so we’re reporting the news.


When asked about the petition here’s what the reader said:

Go to bravotv.workout site. click boards. click on season 3……...go to page 14 for not only petition link, but are you ready??? a link and 2 phone numbers for Gatorade makers of propel water.( Workout sponsers) demanding immediate cancellation. Last night was the final straw for lots of fans. they feel, that Jackie is a poster child for bad behavior, very negative icon for the gay and lesbian community.
I am a lesbian.This woman’s behavior in the workplace is really awful.

We didn’t think it was THAT bad and there needs to be drama to keep the show alive, but we have to agree it’s a very different show. The fans seem to only be mad at Jackie because they wrote love letters about Rebecca and the staff!

By the way we just love Rebecca….We think that she should have her own show

Fix it Bravo, the fans are turning and tuning out.