Wednesday, May 14, 2008

19 year-old chick sues Hollywood nightclub Les Deux

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L.A. Superior Court BC382327

Skye-Anne Smith v. Lonnie Todd Moore; Michael Robert Carri aka Michael Malin; Sylvain Bitton; Richard Selby; Moore & Malin Enterprises; The Dolce Group; Does

A 19-year-old girl has sued the owners of high-profile Hollywood nightclub Les Deux, claiming she was plied with alcohol and then raped by owner Lonnie Todd Moore.

Skye-Anne Smith says she and a friend went to the club at about 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 9, 2007. She claims her friend, a club promoter, took her to the “owner’s table,” where Moore and a group of people were hanging out.

Moore “started off the debauchery by himself handing to Ms. Smith her first alcoholic drink at the table – a glass of champagne,” the lawsuit claims. Over the next hour, Smith says she had six to eight more drinks until she was “clearly and obviously intoxicated.” The minor was slurring her words, stumbling and even spilled her drink, but claims defendants continued to ply her with alcohol.

She also says Moore openly ogled her and told her she “looked amazing in those pants.” When co-owner Sylvain Bitton expressed concern about Smith’s age, Moore allegedly responded with, “I don’t care. She’s hot.”

Later that night, Moore allegedly grabbed her wrist and said, “Let’s go somewhere.” Smith claims he took her to a bed in the manager’s lounge where he raped her, then forced her to perform oral sex on him.

After the alleged assault, Smith says Moore pulled up her pants, got dressed and asked her to promise not to drive home. He then left her alone in the room, where she passed out on the bed, according to the lawsuit.

Smith says she woke up the next morning on the bed, next to a pool of dried vomit.She wants at least $5 million, claiming Moore’s actions were “oppressive, done with malicious intent, and otherwise in conscious and reckless disregard” of her safety and rights.

Causes of action: Negligence; assault; battery; sexual battery; civil rights violations; breach of duty of care; negligence per se; conspiracy

Filing counsel:
Stephen Jamieson and Julia Sullivan of Solomon Saltsman & Jamieson (Playa del Rey, Calif.)