Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hidden in Plain Sight: Brand Logo Secrets

We are all well accustomed to being bombarded on a daily basis to advertising - but have you ever stopped to actually notice or to think about the logos and their hidden meanings?
Federal Express: Wedged between the “E” and the “x” there is an arrow indicating that they move forward and deliver.

fed ex.jpg
fed ex_arrow.jpg

Jetstar: The arrow again!


Toblerone: If you look closely on the Matterhorn mountain on the Toblerone chocolate bar wrapping, you will see the swiss symbol of Bern (a Bear) incorporated into the mountain


Amazon.com: Has everything from A to Z and it also represents the smile brought to
the customer’s face.


Sun Microsystems: The word “SUN” on the left hand side of the picture below is an ambigram. Check it out. You can read “SUN” from either right-side or upside down.


Subaru: Subaru is the Japanese name for The Pleiades, an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus and is certainly the most obvious to the naked eye - hence the logo.


King of Hearts: Ever noticed that the King of Hearts is stabbing himself in the head with his sword? Or perhaps that the King of Hearts is the only King that does not have a mustache? Apparently, diamonds, clubs and spades are by association linked respectively with the corruption of wealth, war and death. In contrast, the heart as an organ is pure, open, undisguised - it does not wear artifice - hence the clean-shaven King of Hearts. Or perhaps he is waiting for his Queen to give him some “heirs”? Boom-tish!