Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mega Producer Jon Peters sued by two of his servants

L.A. Superior Court BC382863

Blanca Hernandez v. Jon Peters; Peters 1990 Trust; Peters Entertainment Inc.; J.P. Organization; Ronald Grigg; Does

L.A. Superior Court BC382861

Adriana Silveira; Andrew Silveira v. Jon Peters; Peters 1990 Trust; Peters Entertainment Inc.; J.P. Organization; Ronald Grigg; Does

“Superman Returns” producer Jon Peters has been hit with two lawsuits from former employees who claim they were fired for complaining about the harassment they endured while working for the Hollywood mogul.

Blanca Hernandez claims Peters “systematically sexually harassed” her while she helped manage the producer’s home and offices. Among other things, she claims he fondled her butt and breasts,or “pillows,” as he called them. She claims he also offered her money for sex and tried to push her into his bed while he was naked.

Further, Hernandez claims that when she complained to Peters’ business associate, Ronald Grigg, about the harassment, Grigg told her to comply with Peters’ requests “because he is a powerful person,” and that if she reported the harassment, she and her daughter would be murdered.

Hernandez was fired in July 2006 and filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

She claims the defendants retaliated by falsely accusing her of stealing a $10,000 lamp.

In a separate complaint, Adriana and Andrew Silveira – former live-in servants at Peters’ two Malibu beach houses – accuse Peters of firing Adriana for taking time off to recover from serious complications with her pregnancy. She claims her doctor diagnosed her as having a corneal pregnancy and a large cyst, and ordered a week of bed rest.

Instead of giving her the time off, Peters allegedly gave her the marching orders and a final paycheck for only two days of work.

The Silveiras say Peters told Andrew that it was “not wise” for his wife to go through with the pregnancy and recommended that she have an abortion. When Andrew protested the suggestion, Peters allegedly fired him.Peters, whose production credits include “Batman” and “Ali,” has been accused of similar actions in the past. He was sued in December 2006 by a former personal assistant who claimed the producer exposed himself to her and her 3-year-old daughter.

Causes of action (Hernandez): Sexual harassment; retaliation; failure to prevent discrimination and harassment; wrongful termination in violation of public policy; defamation

Causes of action (Silveiras):
Sex discrimination; disability discrimination; associational discrimination; retaliation; failure to prevent discrimination; harassment; wrongful termination on violation of public policy

Filing counsel:
Lisa Maki and Christina Coleman of the Law Offices of Lisa L. Maki (Santa Monica, Calif.)