Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Want A Picture With Egomaniac Shmuck John Mayer ???

It Will Cost You $10 !!!

John Mayer was shopping at a camera store in Los Angeles yesterday when a fan asked him for a picture. Mayer agreed to pose with her for $10. The fan agreed and paid him. $10 for just a picture?! Eff that! If I'm paying $10, I also want a nip and prostate tingle. Hopefully, he's using the $10 to fix that 80s "don't ask, don't tell" haircut.

Fuck! It's like the word "douche" was just invented for him. Even Mickey Mouse is pointing at him and saying, "Ha ha! Look at that douche!" That being said, I'd let him give me a nip and prostate tingle for free. Ok, I'd pay him $20. Ok, I'd pay him $20 and throw in a chicken and biscuit dinner.

Below is video from of Major Douche charging a fan $10 for a picture with him: