Monday, May 26, 2008

HBO's 'Recount' and Kevin Spacey lose Florida, but may win Emmy elections with Katherine Harris

Reax to HBO's riveting "Recount," starring Kevin Spacey, are so socko that it's obviously a front-runner to win the Emmy election for best TV movie. Close rival: HBO's "Bernard and Doris."


"Recount" also competes against "An American Crime" (Showtime), "For One More Day" (ABC), "My Boy Jack" (PBS), "Pictures of Hollis Woods" (CBS), "A Raisin in the Sun" and "Ruffian" (both ABC). Plus other HBO rivals: "As You Like It" and "The Fever."

HBO has dominated the category for the last 15 years, winning 13 times, including the last four years in a row. The paycaster has aired 44 of the 75 movies nominated since 1993.

"Recount" will also score an acting nomination for Kevin Spacey as Al Gore advisor Ron Klain — he's a natural in the lead-actor bout that's turning into a smack-down of HBO heavyweights. Other strong contenders include Paul Giamatti ("John Adams"), Ralph Fiennes ("Bernard and Doris") and last year's surprise winner of best comedy series actor, Ricky Gervais ("Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale").

With lesser odds, but still in the ring from the same TV channel gang — David Oyelowo ("Five Days"), Paddy Considine ("PU-239") and Sam Shepard ("Ruffian").

They face off against rivals from other networks: Sean Combs ("A Raisin in the Sun"), Jeff Daniels ("Sweet Nothing in My Ear"), David Haig and Daniel Radcliffe ("My Boy Jack"), James Nesbitt ("Jekyll"), Chris O'Donnell ("The Company"), Oliver Platt and John Turturro ("The Bronx Is Burning") and Simon Woods ("Cranford").

In the supporting races, "Recount" may score noms for Laura Dern as Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, Tom Wilkinson as James Baker, John Hurt as Warren Christopher and Denis Leary as Gore advisor Michael Whouley.

Of course, Jay Roach will likely be nommed for best director and Danny Strong for his screenplay. Plus lots of contributors in the crafts categories.