Friday, May 16, 2008

There's No Stopping Tricia Walsh-Smith !!!

Tricia Walsh-Smith, YouTube superstar and warrior, is back fighting the good fight. This time she's making her videos from her new London apartment. In this edition of the "Crazy Eyes Diaries, " Tricia talks about her career, her booze addiction and the comments she's received from women-hating men.

Skip to about 3:25 to watch Tricia bust a move like a virgin at their high school prom. Tricia starts breaking it down to a song called "Bonkers." Methinks she hears this song in hear head 24/7. That would explain her magnificent bulging eyeballs! She screams, "I'm going bonkers" at the end of the song. No truer words have EVER been spoken.

At the end of the video, Tricia gives us the information for her new PayPal account to send her money to cover her court costs. She's saying this from her gorgeous and probably expensive London apartment.

That being said, I'm totally sending her a $1!!! Love this crazy-eyed hotness!