Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kim Kardashian and Her Cellulite Treatment of the Day

So we have all agreed that Kim Kardashian is a fat lazy bitch who just happens to have a flat stomach making the average person think she’s not a fat lazy bitch but something vuluptuous and desireable, which is almost understandable having been to Plattsburgh, New York for some discount shopping with my wife a while ago and realizing that her fat ass felt at home there because she was thinner than the bitches we ran into at Taco Bell. Unfortunately, my bed doesn’t feel the same way after years of suffering under her obesity.

Either way, being the whore that Kim Kardashian is she decided to get Cellulite Laser treatment on her fat lazy ass because Paris Hilton made fun of her and made her realize that she’s a fuckin’ pig while everyone else was stroking her ego. It always takes a catty jealous bitch to put a girl who thinks she’s better than she actually is in line. The laser treatment was a pretty good fuckin’ solution for her because she didn’t have to get off her fat lazy ass or stop shoveling her fat lazy hand that is clearly not too fat or too lazy to reach her fat lazy mouth. Now she’s out pimping this shit because they are either paying her or giving her free treatments and that’s just the kind of tradeoff whores like. I wouldn’t expect much more from this cunt because we are talking about a girl who made 5,000,000 dollars and launced a fat lazy career off a fuckin’ sex tape here.