Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Madonna Slips Female Fan Some Tongue On Stage, Lourdes Asks 'Is Mommy Gay?'


Madonna can pretty much do whatever she wants at this point and the world will shrug its shoulders, whether she's assaulting Justin Timberlake with needles or spreading her soon-to-be-50-year old legs on album covers. But the vocally-challenged icon has taken her recent trip down memory lane as a pansexual nympho to new heights by inviting a female fan on stage during her concert last night and pulling a repeat performance of Madonna And Britney Spit Swap. Why? As she put it, "Why do I have this relationship with France? I'm always drawn to working with French people - and frenching French people...Vive la France!" A closer look at the kiss step by step, plus suddenly gorgeous daughter Lourdes' reaction, after the jump.

Madonna's first performance in Paris in over ten years was predictably packed with props and gimmicks, like opening her set while seated in a regal throne-like seat, "twirling a magician's wand," and impressively managing to strut through numbers while wearing six-inch heels (a trick she may have picked up from BFF Gwyneth's new slutty facade?). But with all the crowd's enthusiasm and Madge's ability to spark sexual controversy after all these years, there's one teensy bit of sad news: "After that kiss, her daughter Lourdes asked her Material Mom if she were gay." While we don't know how Madonna responded, we like to think she pulled an old copy of her Sex book off the shelves, opened it up to this image, and said, "Does that look gay to you, honey?"