Saturday, May 03, 2008

YouTube superstar and owner of the craziest eyes in the world, Tricia Walsh Smith, has put her wedding dress up on eBay for charity. Tricia has donated her custom made Yumi Katsura wedding gown to the Wounded Warrior Project. Tricia wore the dress when she married Philip Smith. The dress is a size 10, but it has been altered to a size 6. Sure. That's what all the crazies say.

The dress also comes from a smoke and pet free home. But not a crazy free home.

As you may have heard, Tricia was kicked out of her Park Avenue apartment this past weekend by her hubby. She has promised to make more YouTube rants, but from a different location.

Tricia is a crazy bitch without a home! Why the hell is she donating the proceeds to charity! She needs that money to buy a motor home or a teepee or whatever.

Furthermore, who the hell would buy that dress? It's cursed! Wearing that dress will immediately make your eyes bulge out and you will stop blinking. It will also lead to you "slagging off" your husband on YouTube and harassing his co-workers about how he doesn't fuck you. Nothing good can come out of wearing that frock.

Tricia Walsh-Smith Cannot Be Stopped

YouTube's newest superstar sensation, Tricia Walsh-Smith, is no longer allowed to make those mesmerizing YouTube her Park Avenue apartment. The judge said Tricia can continue to make the videos and say whatever she wants as long as it's not in the apartment she once shared with her husband, Philip Smith.

Yay! Tricia is going on location!

Mr. Smith's lawyer told The New York Post, "If there's a way we thought we could stop [Walsh-Smith], we would do so." There's no stopping crazy eyes! Sorry. Well, maybe if they squirted a little glycerine on her eyes.

77-year-old Mr. Smith is divorcing 52-year-old Tricia, because he claims she treated him like shit. He is also having her evicted from their apartment. In her latest YouTube video, she asked viewers to take up a collection for her to buy a tent.

I don't give a fuck if she shoots her videos in a tent, subway bathroom, Charles Manson's prison cell or Clay Aiken's lingerie closet. I just care that she continues to make these videos for YouTube!

Here crazy eyes have hypnotized me into adoring her.