Friday, May 09, 2008

What happened to Britney Spears ???

Britney Spears has been doing all sorts of strange, responsible things lately, like showing up to court (on time) to fight for more time with her sons, visiting her humongously pregnant sister in the swampland, and doing more of that brilliant sitcom acting.

The jury in her custody trial even used the words 'progress' and 'stability' when justifying their reasons for granting the bi-polar mama extended visitation rights. A new kind of Britney crazey!

Check out a preview of the popwreck survivor playing Abby on her second 'How I Met Your Mother' appearance. Brit Brit plays this ditzy receptionist chick who tames the player ways of Neil Patrick Harris's character (she get's him to wear a matching sweater, for crissake), but is actually in love with Josh Radnor's character.

Not exactly a Meryl Streep performance, but gotta give her props for trying (and being willing to wear that horribly unflattering blue top). Catch Britney's full act when the show airs May 12th.