Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lisa Marie Presley Sues & Wins !!!

Lisa Marie Presley wasn't happy that she had to publicly announce her pregnancy before she was ready. However, a post from the UK's Daily Mail made her feel forced to do so. They had published some not so flattering photos of Lisa Marie eating - calling her fat and comparing her to her late father Elvis, implying she was an overeater and unhealthy. She didn't take it lying down - she sued and won!


"Last month, Britain’s Daily Mail published a photo of Presley, dressed down and without makeup, eating with friends in Los Angeles, and the accompanying article said she was “growing just like her dad.”Presley’s lawyers sued for libel, and on Friday the newspaper printed an apology.

In fact, Presley, 40, felt forced to reveal her pregnancy secret two days after the article appeared. “I have had to show my cards and announce under the gun and under vicious personal attack that I am in fact pregnant,” she wrote on her MySpace Celebrity blog.“My client is deeply upset and offended by this article, especially as it was widely published just as she and her family were meant to be celebrating her happy news,” her legal rep, Simon Smith, said at the time."

Here is the Daily Mail's heartfelt apology:

"On March 4, we published a photograph of Lisa Marie Presley while she was dining with friends. We suggested she might have an unhealthy appetite similar to her late father. We now accept that the suggestion is untrue and apologise to Ms Presley for any distress caused." Sounds sincere right? Right.

Good for Lisa Marie!