Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hillary is done, say media overlords

Picture 1-20

Hey, look, Matt Drudge did something nice for the entire country: He ended the Democratic primary, even though it was supposed to continue until eternity.

See the picture and headline at left, which ran atop Drudge Report tonight.

Drudge's link went to a video of Meet The Press anchor Tim Russert calmly explaining to America that "we now know who the Democratic nominee is going to be" and that Hillary Clinton is probably about to quit (she cancelled her TV appearances and everything!).

Then David Gergen, the Bill Clinton aide turned talking head, said on CNN the election is over, partly because Chelsea looked sad during Hillary's last speech.

"You could see the anguish on her face," Gergen said. "I think the Clinton people know the game is almost up."

Remaining voters, politely thank your media overlords for deciding the election on your behalf.