Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heidi's Hotter Than Lauren ??? WTF !!!


On Maxim's annual "Hot List" poll - Lindsay Lohan was #1 last year - The Hills' Heidi Montag ranked No. 36 while Lauren Conrad came in behind at No. 56.

Uh... seriously? Sacrilege!

Ironically, the editors at Maxim credit Lauren with "paving the way for Heidi." What does that even mean? Oh, right - it means Heidi wouldn't even be "famous" if it wasn't for Lauren!


Us Weekly reports in their latest issue about Speidi's plot to destroy Lauren. Hopefully we'll finally learn why Heidi and Spencer keep talking and talking about this sex tape - a sex tape no one's seen! - and what Lauren's pals have to say about the feud.