Friday, May 09, 2008

Romanian Villagers Give Up Fight Against 'Borat' Producers

by Matthew Heller

May 08, 2008

BoratJoining a lengthening list of unsuccessful "Borat" plaintiffs, two Romanians have voluntarily dismissed their discrimination and fraud case against the makers of Fox's much-litigated mockumentary.

Nicolae Todorache and Spiridom Ciorebea, depicted in the film's opening scenes in a Romanian village (substituting for Kazakhstan), filed one of the earliest "Borat" suits, but did little to pursue their case before entering a voluntary dismissal last month. Perhaps they saw the writing on the wall after a judge in California shot down claims by fraternity brothers depicted in the film and another judge in New York dismissed the claims of a pedestrian who was accosted by the title character.

For those keeping score, the following "Borat" plaintiffs are still in litigation:

  • Etiquette teachers Kathie Martin and Cindy Streit (refiled in New York after Alabama courts denied jurisdiction).
  • Driving instructor Michael Psenicska (facing a motion to dismiss in New York).
  • Pentecostal worshipper Ellen Johnston (conducting discovery in Mississippi).