Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quinton Jackson Upsets Chuck Liddell in Ultimate Fighting Championship Light-Heavyweight Title Bout

May 26: Quinton Jackson takes a swing at Chuck Liddell during the Ultimate Fighting Championship light-heavyweight title bout in Las Vegas.

Sunday , May 27, 2007



Quinton Jackson upset Chuck Liddell to win the UFC light-heavyweight title Saturday night at UFC 71, dethroning the champion with a hard right to the chin in the first round.

Liddell toppled and Jackson jumped in to throw a couple of punches for good measure before referee John McCarthy stepped in at 1:53 of the first round to protect the fallen champion. Only a few punches were thrown before the one that tagged Liddell and at one point Jackson, who had been stalking the champion, raised his hands as if to ask what was going on.

The two traded blows and then Jackson nailed Liddell.

"I made a mistake and got caught," said Liddell, the reigning rock star of mixed martial arts and the face of the UFC.

Jackson defeated Liddell by TKO in November 2003 at a Pride Fighting Championships show in Tokyo. Liddell went on to win his next seven fights, avenging previous losses to Randy Couture and Jeremy Horn along the way. But Jackson remains his nemesis.

Liddell fell to 20-4, while Jackson improved to 27-6.

"Rampage" Jackson, 28, entered the MGM Grand Garden Arena wearing his trademark rumble chain, howling like a wolf. But the crowd roar was reserved for the 37-year-old "Iceman."

Jackson just waited in the ring from Liddell, ready to do business. He was booed when introduced in the ring.