Friday, May 25, 2007

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The Sun

Paris' latest home movie

Movie message ... heiress with DVD, inset

Movie message ... heiress with DVD, inset
May 25, 2007

ANOTHER day, another sighting of PARIS HILTON doing something to turn heads.

This time she popped into Blockbusters in LA, slurping an ice cream, and picked a DVD called Innocent to take home.

Obviously just a coincidence as she faces a 23-day jail term starting on June 5.

This week she has already been pictured clutching a Bible and a self-help manual.


Innocent is a movie about a teenager struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.

So maybe Paris is preparing to bat for the other side when she is banged up in the all-girls jail with a load of butch lesbians.

Last night California governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER revealed he will NOT step in to spare the hotel heirhead from serving her sentence for driving while banned.

The Terminator star said he had not been formally asked to flex his political muscle.

He also suggested he’s a big fan of Paris’s home sex video, leaked to the net. He joked: “I’ve seen all her films. Obviously, we both do action movies.”