Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Paris Hilton booed by crowd at SpikeTV's Scream Awards

The schadenfreude was palpable at the Greek on Friday as Paris Hilton was roundly razzed when she took the stage at SpikeTV's 2007 Scream Awards.

As the booing subsided, one gent in the upper deck bellowed, "FUCK YOU BITCH," after Hilton introduced a clip from her upcoming operatic horror flick.

Anxious press people noted that Paris appeared pissed off when she hit the hospitality suite, but she recovered long enough to enjoy a brief dance with her iPhone at the Hollywood Roosevelt after party.

The text-messaging twit bunny-hopped into the party trailed by a posse of five or six younger nymphs, anchored by a complete douche-in-a-suit. Paris paused by some couches, where she stepped on a table to survey the scene.

Then she just launched herself into the crowd -- looking around for someone she knew, or could possibly converse with.

And no one talked to her.

She was like a dead diva walking.

She was close enough to touch at one point, and she looked really elated, but in a desperate kind of way -- like she needed a life preserver to hang onto and there was nobody out there.

Pretty quickly, she retreated to her little klatch, and then they all flounced out.