Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Could Britney Spear’s Saviour Come From MySpace ???


It has been revealed, that a new MySpace group is urging Britney Spears fans to boycott her music and merchandise until she cleans up her act.

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The group, which calls itself ‘Be Proactive To Help’, claims to be made up of “concerned friends and former associates” of the troubled pop princess.

They want fans to contact the singer’s record label, music publisher and management to voice their worries. Be Proactive To Help, which had 142 friends on Tuesday, has a bright pink MySpace page with a photo of Britney. It also carries the slogan “Save the pop star, save the world”.

“Sitting around and talking about how bad of a person, singer, mother - whatever your thoughts are - these things won’t help change this very broken woman,” the group description reads. “Help Britney help herself by expressing your concern to those who are largely responsible for her success, and continue to capitalize on her every move.”

The group calls for Britney’s fans to boycott her new album, Blackout, until she is “clean and sober”.

It also criticizes her record label for trying to cash in while she’s in the public eye, and blames MTV for “allowing Britney to come out and really give us all the finger.

Britney is scared to be out of the public eye because she, for reasons unknown to many of us, has horrible self esteem,” the group alleges.

Let them [management and music publisher] know you’ll be around to buy her music, her merchandise, etc, when she sets a better example of how to be a performer.”