Friday, October 26, 2007

Fans Sue Aerosmith Over Canceled Concert

$3 Million Class Action Suit Filed Against Band
October 22, 2007

Aerosmith fans are upset that the venerable rock group allegedly snubbed Maui for a bigger concert in Chicago -- and then came back to Hawaii for a car convention.

Some of the fans have filed a class-action lawsuit against Aerosmith for canceling their Sept. 26 concert in Maui.

Attorney Brandee Faria said in papers filed in Maui Circuit Court that about a dozen ticket holders have joined the suit and are suing to be compensated for losses beyond the ticket refunds, such as travel costs.

The concert was sold out and was to be the last show on the Aerosmith world tour.

The band called off the show, saying they could not get their gear from Chicago to Maui in time.

The suit estimates the cancellation cost ticket-buyers up to $3 million in travel costs and other expenses even though their ticket costs were refunded.

The suit said that the band quietly went to Honolulu a few days later for a private concert for Toyota dealers' 50th anniversary convention in Honolulu.

The suit claims that Toyota paid Aerosmith $1 million.

An Aerosmith representative could not be reached for comment.