Friday, June 06, 2008

Disgruntled Fox Intern Revealed Via Facebook (Of Course)

Last night we posted about an intern at 20th Century Fox who was stupid enough to "anonymously" write angry things about her job on a public blog, then provide telling clues to her own identity.

Well in this modern age of robot vacuums and human-monkey hybrids, of course it only took a few short hours for her photograph and personal information to be discovered.

On Facebook, of course!

Her name is Chrissy Torres and she's probably getting fired right now.

Aww, she's a Theatre and English double major, just like I was!

She's had a bamillion jobs and she hasn't even graduated from college (USC)! Amazing.

I'm sure she'll be just fine. Just a softer touch on the ol' blog next time, Chrissy.

And remember: everyone can find you on the internet.