Thursday, December 14, 2006

Paris Hilton snorts her desserts or does cocaine
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Paris Hilton was spotted with some white residue in her nose yesterday after throwing down $2,600 on lunch at Nellos restaurant in New York. She was there with Brandon Davis and the two left a $250 tip after ordering Caesar Salads followed by two $1050 dishes of Kobe Steaks with white truffles. In response to the suggestion the residue might be (gasp) cocaine, Paris' rep Elliott Mintz said:

"I can tell you Paris does not use narcotics. I would imagine [it's] something like whipped cream or a sugary substance from dessert. Something that naturally might have found it's way to onto her face if she touched her nose or whatever. I'd label it a stray dessert."

He's not even trying to keep it in the realm of reality anymore is he? A stray dessert? Up her nose? He should've gone with the unicorn defense. Namely that a unicorn did it. Besides, Paris would be better off having people think she snorts cocaine than randomly picks her nose after a full day of fingering cakes.