Thursday, December 14, 2006


Amanda Congdon Set To Rack Up Presence On And Off The Boob Tube


Are you excited for tomorrow? You should be: It marks the debut of A/C on ABC, the new web-whatever-the-hell-it-is from Amanda Congdon, who "blasted out of the blogosphere," according to the promotional copy.

What's Amanda's goal? "To bring the best of the web - all of its content, all of its culture, even its potential for social change - to the ABC News digital audience." Best of all, A/C on ABC will be interactive: "[T]alk to Amanda, ask her questions, help her shape her program."

Worried that working for a professional news network may somehow drain Amanda of the exuberance for which she is so justly celebrated? Don't be! If the placement of those buttons on this ad are any indication, ABC has a pretty good handle on her appeal.