Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Clocky, the hiding alarm clock: intriguingly ridiculous


As sleeping-in rates skyrocket this Christmas weekend, it might be a good time to take some time to re-evaluate your choice of alarm clock. There are plenty of options out there — from the eminently practical to the amusingly gimmicky to the totally sublime — but this one has us slapping our heads in amazement.

When Clocky goes off, you've got one chance to wake up. If you go for the snooze, Clocky fires up its wheels and rolls off your night stand to go hide. Yep, it runs away. It's a design choice that can only be described as "bold."

There's certainly a practical side to it, though, since 9 minutes later (you can customize the snooze time) Clocky will start screaming and you'll have no idea where it is. Damn, looks like you'll have to get up after all. This "misbehaving pet" of an alarm clock costs $50 from Nanda, and as silly as it sounds, I kinda want one.