Friday, December 14, 2007

Underage Clubber Claims Les Deux Owner Raped Her

A 19-year-old girl has filed a lawsuit against Les Deux nightclub, claiming she was plied with alcohol and then anally and vaginally raped by the owner.

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In court papers filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Skye-Anne Smith alleges on August 9, 2007, she went to Les Deux and was admitted without showing ID.

She says she was immediately taken to the "owner's table," where she met defendants Lonnie Moore and Sylvain Bitton, both co-owners of the club.

In the lawsuit, she says Moore "started off the debauchery" by plying her with six to eight alcoholic drinks.

The suit alleges one of the owners suggest to Moore that Smith shouldn't be in the club because of her age.

The alleged response from Moore: "I don't care. She's hot."