Friday, December 14, 2007

Pamela Anderson: no stage, no reality

Pamelaanderson After the closing of "Beauty of Magic" at Planet Hollywood, where she worked as the assistant on Hans Klok's already forgotten illusion show, Pamela Anderson made no secret about wanting to stay in Vegas and star in her own production show.

But the extraordinary costs of mounting a new production show on the Strip these days, meant that Anderson finding any takers for her proposed show was always a long shot, at least, for Vegas.

Anyway, that reality, may have also cost the world Pamela Anderson reality television. Oh the times, oh the customs!

On her site, Anderson has an item titled "No Reality Show!" In it, Anderson writes that she is going to nix the idea about a television show on her life in Vegas.
In the most interesting part of the post, Anderson writes, she was considering the television show: "Only to promote and have people see what it's like to create a show and be on stage starring in a big Vegas production- (probably not happening anymore)."

So, it also appears a production show starring Pamela Anderson will not be headed to the Strip.

In fact, it seems, Anderson's dream of hosting her own Vegas production had her using a reality television show as bait to attract potential resorts on the Strip and/or audience interest.