Friday, July 27, 2007

iWorkout for your ipod

27 07 2007

iworkout.jpgThe concept of having a personal trainer isn’t limited to only those with spare change primarily made up of benjamins. It’s also available to those if you with a video iPod. The iWorkout brings some of the best certified fitness experts in a video based fitness guide you can take with you to the gym. Or you can pipe it to your TV if you workout at home.

The iWorkout includes:

  • 101 workout videos
  • Trainer tips
  • Illustrated fitness guide
  • Nutrition & Dieting essentials
  • Exercise metronomes to time your reps
  • Fitness charts
  • Workout routines for every body region

What this means to you: Sure, the Rocky theme works well - but that’s only going to get you so far. Get fit with the iWorkout.

Cost: $20 @ Helmes Innovations