Tuesday, January 30, 2007

White Rapper Show Episode 4


Well you’ve probably read my other posts on the VH-1’s White Rapper Show, so you’re probably wondering why I’m still watching it, but with no Monday Night Football, and no Pistons games scheduled, there wasn’t a lot to watch last night. I tuned into Episode 4, and for the first time I think the in-show challenge was real. The contestants were divided into two teams and each team was assigned a beat from Just Blaze. Not only were they given a beat from Just, they got to actually go to his studio and record a full single with him. To me this is what the show should have been about from the beginning. Going door to door rapping, and playing black trivia game shows brought some comedy to the show, but the show is about finding talent, and the only place you are going to find that is in the booth.

Both teams beats were club style tracks, so each team was forced to come up with a club banger. I thought the team with Sullee, 100 Proof, and Shamrock would have shined on that kind of track, but I was way off. 100 Proof’s lyrics were lame as fuck, and Shamrock had a lame ass sing-songy hook that was off key like a muthafucka. Sullee was really the only MC that held his own, but he even drew some criticism from Just Blaze for reading his rhymes out of his notebook instead of having them memorized. In the end their track came off like some local mixtape shit.

The other team was made up of Persia, John Brown, Jus Rhyme, and Jon Boy. I thought this team was at a disadvantage, because Jus Rhyme is a corny political MC, and John Brown’s whole character is wack to me, but to my surprise they put together the better track. Their lyrics were more on point, Persia and John Brown came up with a nice little hook, and they actually elevated a beat that I thought was average.

So once again Sullee found himself in the elimination round squaring off against Shamrock and 100 Proof. Shamrock kicked it off with a solid 8 bars, which left it up to Sullee to impress. While he got off to a good start, he froze up in the middle of his verse, again. He bounced back quicker this time, but he still slipped up again. This left the door open for 100 Proof, but he fucked up by forgetting his rhymes and coming with some weak wordplay. So, Sullee dodged elimination one more time, and 100 Proof was sent packing. Next week’s episode looks decent from what I could see, it looks like the MC’s will be recording another track and filming a video.

Some more quick thoughts:

  • Damn, I was wrong on 100 Proof. Dude still seemed cool, but as the show went on you could see his lyrics just weren’t ready.
  • I think Persia might have the most talent on the show. Her singing in Episode 4 wouldn’t win her a Grammy or nothing, but it was a surprise to hear. She already showed she can spit, and the singing angle makes her a double threat. On a side note, I think the girl is a lesbian. Ain’t nothing wrong with it, but she just looked a little too happy when the girls from the strip club were clapping that ass in front of her, lol.
  • I still think Sullee has talent, but he needs to quit choking in the elimination rounds.
  • Still can’t stand John Brown. I was hoping Lord Jamar would smack his ass last week, and I’m still waiting for somebody to pull his card. His Ghetto Revival bullshit is getting tired.
  • My vote for the next to go would either be Jon Boy or Jus Rhyme. These cats seem like they are only there to take up space on the show.