Thursday, January 25, 2007

Paris Hilton Still Exposed


As we predicted, it didn't take long for clips from the recently launched to start appearing (and already getting pulled from) file sharing sites like RapidShare, though it's a testament to the increasing convenience with which these sorts of things are passed around that it took less than 24 hours for them to make the jump from paysite property to common currency instead of the week or so we had to suffer through back in 2003 when the sight of Paris' boobs was something new and exciting.

From what we've seen so far—a cache of eight clips from the members' area of—the savvy marketing geniuses at the site seem to be meting out the content in dribs and drabs: all that's apparently available so far are a couple of videos of Paris flashing her bits hither and yon as well as a longer clip of Paris and then boyfriend Jason Shaw rolling around toplessly in bed, during which time Paris shows off a necklace proclaiming her to be Jason's property (did that wind up in the storage facility as well?) and demonstrates her already lauded tampon-smoking skills. No hardcore action to speak of, and nothing we haven't really seen before. So is it worth spending that $39.97 to see whether things get more interesting? Possibly. But it also doesn't look like we'll have to.

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