Sunday, January 21, 2007

Paul McCartney offers $80 Million to Ex-Wife in Hush-Hush Divorce Deal

paul mccartney heather mills

HEATHER Mills is likely to pocket an $80 million divorce settlement in a hush-hush deal struck with estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney.

Former Beatle Sir Paul is reported to have offered the cash and property deal in an effort to keep the bitter relationship breakdown out of court.

The settlement has been thrashed out by the same divorce lawyers used by Prince Charles and wife Diana when they split - but is double the amount Di was awarded in 1986.

The McCartney-Mills deal equates to more than $2500 for each hour of their four-year marriage.

A legal source told Britain's News of the World: "This way Paul gets to have the divorce in private, which is all he ever wanted, and Heather avoids risking her case falling apart. She's delighted."

The deal reportedly hands over ownership of a $10 million Georgian house in north London, and a $15 million mansion in Los Angeles to Ms Mills.

A reported condition of the settlement is that Sir Paul must not publicly denounce claims by Mills that he stabbed her with a wine glass and was violent toward her when she was pregnant.

McCartney's daughters Stella, 35, and Mary, 37, are furious. They wanted their stepmum discredited in court.

A source told the News of the World that Sir Paul's fashion designer daughter Stella and sister Mary were baying for blood.

"Their poor dad has been dragged through the mire by this woman, and all they wanted was to see his name cleared on the record, in public," the source said.

"They used to joke about looking forward to the day when Heather didn't even have one leg to stand on in court. But now that day will never come."

The report does not mention whether the divorce settlement makes any mention of custody of the couple's three-year-old daughter Beatrice.

It was revealed last June Mills was paid about $2500 an hour for wild orgies with rich Arabs when she worked as a call girl in the early 1990s.(whoa!)

She defended herself against claims she was a gold-digger in an interview late last year.

She insisted she married McCartney because she was "madly in love" and not for his $2 billion fortune.

"I was just madly in love, blinded by love, and totally, madly in love. It just didn't work out," she said in the November interview.

McCartney's spokesperson would not comment on the divorce settlement yesterday.