Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kevin Federline's Lawyer: Britney Spears is Ducking Drug Tests


Kevin Federline’s lawyer, who is getting paid by Britney, spoke in court today about Britney’s inability to show up and/or submit to the court-ordered drug tests.

Spears has been called to the laboratory 14 times, but has failed to respond to eight of those calls, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon Thursday morning.

Mr. Federline doesn’t want to take the children out of their mom’s life,” Kaplan told Gordon, “but we don’t know what else there is to do.”

Spears lawyer Anne Kiley argued the previous court order was unconstitutional and Spears didn’t respo&title=Federline Lawyer: Britney Ducking Drug Tests" he lab phone calls within an hour, as ordered by the court, because she was sleeping. Kiley asked that Spears be given six hours to respond to the laborato&title=Federline Lawyer: Britney Ducking Drug Tests" e requests.

Gordon said time wasn’t the problem, noting Spears has lost telephone numbers and changed her telephone numbers. The commissioner &title=Federline Lawyer: Britney Ducking Drug Tests" ted he has to wake up at 7:30 a.m. each morning.

If that wasn’t enough, Spears’ lawyer blamed her inability to get up in the morning like the rest of the world does because she’s a “pop star with a #1 album.” (Number 2 actually).

Britney, every once and a while I go out on a mid-week bender (a local bar by me has $2 pints and $2 wings on Wednesdays, hard to resist) but somehow, even after blowing $100, I’m still able to drag my sorry ass out of bed at six in the morning and get to work on time (productivity is a whole different story).

Are your kids seriously not that important to you that you can’t drag yourself out of bed before noon or answer your phone?