Saturday, November 17, 2007

Crazy Cabbie Shops Sex Tape Shot in 'Howard Stern' Studio

Notorious Footage Surfaces


By David Sullivan
Nov 05, 2007

NEW YORK - 'Howard Stern Show' personality Crazy Cabbie (aka Lee Mroszak) is in talks with several adult studios to release explicit sex footage videotaped in Stern's KROCK studios in 2001 and 2002.

Although Stern does not appear anywhere in the video, the sex tape features several well-known porn stars and music by Slipknot and Alien Ant Farm.

"It's close to 8 hours of footage with sexual and nonsexual performances by Cabbie, B Frost, Ron Jeremy, Tabitha Stevens, Taylor Wane, Christi Lake and others," said Eddie M, who is working on the release with Cabbie. "There are scenes inside the KROCK studios, on Howard's desk; they actually come on Howard's chair and the chair in the green room where a famous guest sat the next day. Ron Jeremy rubs his balls on Howard's mike, they fuck all over the office and in the green room, and there's a lot of footage shot on the Slipknot and Alien Ant Farm tour buses."

Advance photos from the tape show Jeremy copulating with an O.J. Simpson mask - and Eddie promises that even more bizarre surprises await.

"We have releases from almost everybody involved," Eddie told AVN. "We even got a release from Gene Simmons for the use of his image because they used a Gene Simmons mask in a couple of sex scenes."

Cabbie was fired from Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio show in June following controversy over his endorsement of a weight-loss supplement. At the time, Cabbie claimed to have destroyed a sex tape that featured Stern himself.

"I'm acting as a broker for the video," Eddie explained. "Cabbie's got some loyalty to Howard, and I don't want to imply at all that there's any kind of porno with Howard Stern...more or less. Ron is the star cocksman of the movie, but Cabbie fucks Taylor Wane and a girl named Vanisha. The sex is hardcore - come shots, everything.

Eddie continued: "It's like 'when the cat's away, the mice will play.' Ron Jeremy wrote about it in his book, and when Howard found out about it, he was furious. As the King of All Media, he was appalled - plus, Howard's a germophobe, so he didn't like the idea of a girl taking his bullhorn and sticking it up her ass."

Cabbie hopes to use the release of the sex video as an entry to further work in the porn business.

"His ultimate plan is to move out west to get into the adult business and also simultaneously do what he does best, which is to become a radio personality," said Eddie. "Howard has 18 million fans, so I believe people are going to want to see it - it's been talked about on the show, it's all over the internet. We're putting it above water now: it's there, it's on the market. Every Howard Stern fan is going to want to see this."

According to Eddie, the video is already stirring strong interest from major players in the porn world.

"Contrary to the other celeb sex tapes, this is done as if Vivid or Buttman did it," he said. "They shot with $9,000 cameras, with rock bands, with great lighting. Get in line and make a handsome offer, people, because this going to be a big movie."