Monday, November 12, 2007

Mucca's TEN new bombshell tapes

THE News of the World reveals the sensational contents of Heather Mills' secret ‘box of evidence' in her divorce battle with Paul McCartney—including a claim he branded her "a one-legged bitch".

The stash, securely locked away in the vaults of posh banker Coutts, includes TEN new tapes Mucca insists will expose the trauma at the heart of their turbulent five-year marriage.

She also claims they put on record eye-opening details of their sex life.

Friends say desperate Heather, 39, is convinced the recordings of a wide range of key players at the centre of the bust-up will bolster her bid for support in a world that has sided with rock legend Macca.

Up to now only scant hints of the tapes' contents have emerged. But the News of the World has discovered Heather is confident they back her claims that 65-year-old Paul:

DOWNED Viagra pills to pep up sex with the one-time porn star.

RAGED through tempestuous rows at the couple's marital home.

ADMITTED he was partially to blame over their marriage breakdown and stormy relationship.

MOCKED her as "a silly cow" and "spoilt".

WHINED about the tiniest of household bills.

was VIOLENT towards first wife Linda.

A close friend claimed: "There are other recordings Heather says prove Paul referred to her as a ‘one-legged bitch'.


"She's hoping this shows people what she's had to put up with, and will let the public make up their own mind about who was to blame for their split."

The pal then disclosed how Heather—who lost a leg in a road accident—has also talked of a spiteful phone call from Paul's daughter Stella, alleging the 36-year-old fashion designer ranted: "I hope you lose your other f****ing leg!"

Our source claimed: "Heather says her tapes will back her up on that one, too."

We can also reveal that after Heather and her top legal team Mishcon de Reya parted company this week the star lawyers are relieved to be rid of her— because she HOUNDED main man Anthony Julius by phone as he grieved over the death of his wife.

The scandal of Heather's tapes was fuelled last week after one of her bizarre TV interviews in which she lost her rag and ranted at the world. Off camera she played gobsmacked GMTV executives a snippet of the recordings, said to confirm her insistence that Sir Paul had been violent towards Linda—which he denies.

But the full set, covering the months leading up to McCartneys' split in May last year, have only been played to a select few trusted friends, and Heather's close confidant, sister Fiona.

Heather insists they were made with Paul's full knowledge. But a member of her camp admitted some were made with a hidden device.

The pal told us: "Heather recorded some passages on the phone with a wire tap, and the rest with a recorder in her handbag. She only started making the tapes when she realised her marriage was in irreversible breakdown.

"She wanted to capture what she called ‘the real picture' while she still had the chance.

"And they give an amazingly detailed insight into what her marriage was really like."

Only Heather and Fiona have access codes to the vault in Coutts' London headquarters. Our source added: "Heather insists these tape recordings are crucial for her future. She's been branded a liar so many times, and has a massive point to prove.

"She reckons these will put the record straight. And all the voices on the tapes are very recognisable. There's no mistaking who's saying what. They're dynamite. If they ever got out they'd be highly embarrassing for Paul.

"Some of the details about their sex life will shock a lot of people and cause them to view Paul in a new light.

"She believes it could seriously swing public opinion for her."


Heather is also claiming the veteran musician, snapped this week kissing wealthy American beauty Nancy Shevell on a string of dates, popped Viagra to boost their love life. And she says the evidence is again on the tape

Our source said: "Heather isn't too scared to let these kind of personal details get out. But it's stuff Macca won't want aired in public."

Court papers lodged by Heather last October, as a response to Sir Paul's divorce petition, have already alleged he was physically violent to her at their Los Angeles home in 2002.

It is claimed he grabbed her by the neck and pushed her over a coffee table. The papers also alleged in May 2003, when Heather was four weeks' pregnant, she was pushed into the bath by Paul during a set-to at a hotel in Rome.

Macca has always denied the claims and the News of the World even revealed how Heather hit HIM.

Now our source claims Heather's tapes include captured spoken evidence to support her allegations and even more details of their volatile relationship.

The insider claimed: "Heather says it's clear from the tape that Paul has apologised for the marriage breakdown and how he treated her."

During her manic blitz of TV interviews that began on October 31, Heather wept as she insisted Sir Paul knew who was at fault.

She said: "I have protected Paul for this long. But I'm being pushed to the edge."

She also openly revealed her hatred for his stepdaughter Stella, 36, branding her "evil".

Our insider said: "The relationship between Heather and Stella has hit rock bottom—they can't stand the sight of each other. The pair have had a string of bitter bust-ups. And Heather's convinced her tapes will show the world the real Stella. They're explosive."

Money is a sore point with Heather, too. She says that despite having a personal fortune nearing a billion-plus homes including the 950-acre Peasmarsh Estate in Sussex and a £6M Beverly Hills mansion—Paul would kick up a stink at having to shell out for tax and everyday household bills.

Our source said: "Heather wants to show how Macca whinged and quibbled over the slightest expense.

"She could never believe how he had all that money but constantly moaned about buying things. But she says the evidence is all there on the recordings."


Our insider also claimed Paul accused Heather of being "spoilt", insisting she owed all her success to meeting him.

The pal said: "Despite what many people may think of Heather, she's proud of her charity work. So that sort of comment really hurts her.

"Again she says the tapes make her point."

Heather's split with her lawyers Mishcon de Reya this week came after she was repeatedly warned not to speak about the case.

But as she hit the world's TV screens her legal team grew increasingly concerned she was handing Paul an easy victory. The announcement that they had parted company came just days following News of the World revelations that the frustrated firm was considering their position on representing Heather.

Now we can reveal the high-profile lawyers are not upset by the split—after Heather bombarded their top performer Anthony Julius—the man who represented Princess Diana in her divorce from Prince Charles—with calls while he was mourning the loss of his beloved wife Dina from cancer.

She died on October 30, aged 44, after writing a series of columns in which she discussed what it was like to suffer a terminal illness despite having young children.

Her passing left Anthony devastated. But Heather ignored pleas to let him grieve in peace.

An insider said: "She wouldn't stop calling Anthony, even when she knew what he was going through.

"He's exceptionally professional and incredibly dedicated, but he was trying to pay his respects to the woman he adored.

"In that situation, what Heather did was outrageous."