Thursday, November 08, 2007

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How the strike affects cable

Maher: Real Time cancels finale.

Cable networks will feel less pain from the TV writers' strike: Most rely on a heavier dose of movies and reruns for their schedules, and channels such as MTV and Bravo have a steady diet of unscripted reality series, most of which are unaffected.

Here's how some other networks will see an impact:

Comedy Central. South Park's writers aren't members of the Writers Guild, so the show is unaffected by the strike. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report remain in repeats.

HBO.The Wire, ready for its final season, and new weeknight drama series In Treatment have completed production and will air as scheduled starting in January. But Real Time With Bill Maher, which airs live, has canceled Friday's season finale, and two other series due later next year will suspend shooting.

FX. Nip/Tuck will complete its current run of 14 episodes, but eight more due to begin shooting in January will be delayed. The second season of Dirt will be cut short.

USA/Sci Fi. Monk and Psych are expected to run full seasons scheduled for January, but 12 additional installments of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, scheduled for March, are in jeopardy, as is the second half of Battlestar: Galactica's final season.

TBS.Frank TV, a sketch-comedy series due later this month from Frank Caliendo (Mad TV), will be cut short and produce just four episodes.