Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Britney Spear's "Blackout" Not a Wipeout

And now for some Britney Spears news that doesn't involve a trampled foot, a trampy weave, or lost children.

FOX News' Roger Friedman
reports that Brit's album, "Blackout," will actually finish at the top of the album charts in its first week, with about 325,000 units sold. A modicum of good news, yes, but not quite as good as her last disc, "In the Zone," which did 609,000 out of the gate. Just to compare, "American Idol" also-ran Chris Daughtry did about 309,000 in his first week.

Though "Gimme More" has inexplicably been getting pretty good radio play, it's unclear what single will come next -- and whether it can generate any ensuing buzz for the album.