Friday, August 31, 2007

Forbes' List Of Most Powerful Penis-Lackers Contains Some Unexpected Surprises


The list-compiling obsessives over at Forbes magazine have released their latest masterwork: "

"The World's 100 Most Powerful Penisless People," they call it.

Sprinkled among the many businesswomen and politicians are a few familiar names from the showbiz realm, including DreamWorks's Stacey Snider (#87) and Disney's Anne Sweeney (#77), CBS's Nancy Tellem (#49), and Amy Pascal, coming in at an impressive #35, despite Forbes' editors obviously not being aware that she'd been graduated to full-fledged, junk-swinging man by Variety's Showmen of the Year nominating committee.

The highest ranking entertainment figure was Earthly deity Oprah Winfrey at #21, but the biggest surprise on the chart came in at #24, as Big Brother's Jew-leery candidate Amber was deemed an even greater feminine force to be reckoned with than Hillary Clinton.

Amber 2012!