Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Perez Hilton steals our Pic of Lindsay Lohan - Not Hot

Lindsay Lohan SmallOh The Drama! So I’ve been holding up putting up this picture of Lindsay Lohan smoking and lifting her dress to show her panty hosed crotch to the world. This was from the same night when she came to our party at The Plumm to “DJ”. (see my previous post and more pics from that night)

So Gen and Rachel took this picture, and in really high resolution. I talked to the people at US Weekly and they were interested in getting the picture… EXCEPT some freak stole a low res copy of it (from facebook) and totally sent it to the big celeb blogger Perez Hilton and Perez totally put it on his site as his own with his watermark and everything!!!

So being professional and everything, I sent over a nice email letter:

“Dear Perez and staff,

I was just informed that your website is posting a picture of Lindsay Lohan that was copyrighted and belong to our company. The picture can be seen here:

(link here)

This picture was taken on the night of March 15th at the club Plumm in New York, by two of our staff photographers. They are employed by our company… and we hold the copyright to the picture in question.

Someone must have taken the picture from our website and submitted it to you after cropping the picture and our watermark. Attached is a thumbnail version of the full picture, to show you that we are the owner of the original.

We respectfully request that you remove the picture from your website. We respect your work, and this has been an unfortunate incident I’m sure you didn’t intend to occur.

Please contact me if you have further questions at my office… or my cell…

Thank you,

So what happened? Nothing!! Totally ignored my request. I sent the same email 3 times and nothing has been done! I mean I hear about Perez getting sued by paparazzi sites like X17 all the time cuz he just steals everyone’s photos with no regards to copyrights whatsoever. But this we are not a big corporation, this could meant a little bit of money for two girls that took the picture for me.

Total B.S. Of course now my lawyer has to send him a Cease and Desist letter, and I’m just posting the full picture on here now, cuz I have THE ORIGINAL and it’s bigger and in higher resolution than the one Perez has on his site. (click on the image above to enlarge). And my editor Carolyn just saw him this week in LA, he has blue hair now and he’s getting fatter…

Just make sure Perez don’t run into me at a club (or alley) in New York, lol. I might have to practice some moves from John Woo’s Hong Kong gansta films.