Thursday, March 22, 2007

By Scorillo | March 22, 2007

Travel in style aboard the ultimate limousine and experience a luxurious “Ride in Time”. The Midnight Rider boasts a seating capacity of 40 passengers with the spaciousness and comfort to move about and visit. Also exclusive to this limousine is the on board restroom facility in keeping with its late 1800’s Pullman Car railroad theme.
While traveling aboard The Midnight Rider enjoy mixed drink beverages with premium alcohol made to order by our bartender at the “Jake Brake Bar” and hors d’oeuvres served by our hostess, along with movies, music, & satellite television for your listening pleasure.

The Midnight Rider was originally designed in 1986 as a touring vehicle for the elite. After some revision to the original design it was eventually approved for construction in March of 1997. The proposed 25 ton, 416 square foot coach named “The Midnight Rider”, now designated as a “Tractor-Trailer Limousine” by officials, is constructed of steel, aluminum, and stainless on its exterior and elegantly decorated with wood, brass, and luxurious fabrics on its interior, representing luxury travel which has long since disappeared in public transportation.

The concept is an old one, first put into practice in the early days prior to WWII, where the need to move large numbers and their equipment exceeded the capacity of conventional buses so the tractor trailer was utilized for such. Thus , the “tractor trailer”, while normally thought of being limited to the transfer of freight is transformed in “The Midnight Rider”, as an exquisite passenger carrier not ever before realized and knowing no equal since the luxury days of railroad travel.

This exciting new experience in travel, unmatched by any luxury vehicle offering passenger service today, features 21st century technology with d├ęcor representative of the luxury days of railroad travel and appointment of the 1870’s.

The Midnight Rider can host 40 passengers and is fully self contained with three plush railroad car theme compartments; the Fifth Wheel Lounge, the Pullman Lounge, and the upstairs Observation Lounge, each compartment having isolated television and music. This tractor trailer limousine boasts elegant playpen style seating in the lounges and individual air ride seating at the bar making it exceptional for small or large groups wishing to travel together.
During your unforgettable travel experience you will receive the undivided attention of our crew of Five: Three on board specialists serving your needs in route, while the driver and co-driver are transporting you to your destination of choice, safely and comfortably .