Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I bared all to prove nude pics were fakes

I bared all to prove nude pics were fakes
Supermodel Vida Guerra has decided to pose nude for men's magazine, Playboy, to demonstrate that her naked photographs on the internet are fake.

The bootylicious model- turned-actress agreed to bare all for Playboy last year, after rejecting quite a lot of offers from various magazines.

Her false images on the internet provoked Vida to unclothe herself totally and show fans the real Guerra.

"They (Playboy) had asked me three times (and) I got a little upset about the situation. They were making such a big deal about it that I said, 'I might as well take Playboy up on their offer and do it in a nice, classy, tasteful way, since everyone is so curious to see how I look in my birthday suit, Contactmusic quoted Vida, as saying.

The thong-loving swimsuit model, requested fans that they should not get fooled by bogus nude pictures in future, and advised them to look for her beauty marks in order to confirm whether the snaps are genuine or not.

"I have a beauty mark that tells. You can compare the real thing with the (bogus) picture and it's like, 'Nah!' You can't see it in the Playboy spread because there is no open-crotch (shot). "One is below my navel and the other is in my inner thigh," she added.