Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gene Simmons fired from Celebrity Apprentice

Gene SimmonsKiss frontman Gene Simmons has got the boot from The US Celebrity Apprentice. Businessman Donald Trump fired the rock star after he took over as leader of the women’s team - and failed to help them win the weekly challenge.

The singer showed no emotion as Trump told him to pack his bags and simply said: “I respect your decision.” But he blasted the female Apprentice team and claimed they stood no chance of winning the competition.

“In their present form the ladies don’t stand a popcorn fart chance of even shining the guys’ shoes,” he snorted. Simmons, 58, took over the girls’ side after they went 2-0 down in the weekly tasks. The two teams were told to come up with a way of marketing Kodak’s Easy Share printer - and sell the equipment to the general public. The ladies looked to have it in the bag after the men spilt a cup of coffee onto a computer and lost all their artwork. The mishap occurred as Lennox Lewis, Tito

Ortiz and Stephen Baldwin climbed down from a table and accidentally tipped the furniture up in the air.

But Kodak executives were less than impressed with Simmons’ selling strategy and named the boys’ team the winner. After the singer close Jennie Finch and Carol Alt to face the chop with him, Trump said he had no choice but to fire Simmons.