Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Baywatch babe is back, a little washed up

27th April 2007

She was the lifeguard who had men queuing to be rescued.

But more than a decade on from her reign as the over-endowed queen of surf in Baywatch, Pamela Anderson is struggling to hold back the tide of time.

Recreating her most famous role for a television commercial in Malibu, she is not the girl she was.

Pamela Anderson

Age has taken its toll on Anderson, back on beach at almost 40, and right, at her Baywatch best

Pamela Anderson

A close up shows cellulite on Anderson's leg

Pamela Anderson

Anderson's body show signs of ageing

Her platinum-blonde mane, golden tan and trademark red swimsuit are still in place. But her once babysmooth legs betray signs of cellulite and her most famous assets appear to have lowered by an inch or two.

Two unsightly tattoos, including a heavy-set Celtic band across her left bicep, do little to restore the image.

"From a distance Pammy looked really striking and just as good as ever," said an onlooker.

"But on closer inspection there were a few obvious differences.

Pamela Anderson

Anderson is no longer quite so perky

"Pammy was the ultimate Californian poster girl, but I doubt that photos of her today will be lining teenage boys' bedrooms."

Miss Anderson, 39, a mother of two, who recently divorced her second husband Kid Rock after six months of marriage, took the world by storm as kind-hearted lifeguard CJ Parker in 1992, not least because of her 36FF chest which she readily admitted was the result of plastic surgery.

She has appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine a record 12 times.

In 1999, two years after leaving Baywatch in the hope of becoming a "serious" actress, she had the implants removed, but is understood to have had them replaced with smaller ones, and also undergone uplift surgery to reduce drooping.

She now boasts a slightly more demure profile of 36DD.

Her latest movie, Blonde and Blonder, a comedy about two girlfriends mistaken for Mafia assassins, is released next month.

Pamela Anderson

Anderson shows off some familiar moves