Sunday, November 12, 2006

Publicity Starved Courtney Love Shows Off Her Nude Bits

Courtney Love

In an attempt to salvage her anything but spectacular career, Courtney Love bares all for the British fashion Magazine ’Pop’.

The cover off the magazine only shows her bearing her breasts which, anyway, are hidden from the curious eyes by well-placed writing. But this isn’t the case for the inside “spread.” In one of her pictures the former Hole frontwoman, stands with her legs apart and her breasts fully exposed with nothing but a strappy designer g-string for protection.

Others show the blonde stripped down with her knees curled up to protect her private parts.

Apparently, Love had turned down many lucrative offers in the past to pose for adult magazines and felt no differently about ’Pop.’ Until that is, she got really ’comfortable’ with the photographer who managed to change her mind.

It could also be that Courtney Love’s career is slipping and she could desperately use all the publicity she can get for the release of her new book ’Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love’ which coincidently also features the singer naked on the cover, in a photo taken from behind, by her late husband, Kurt Cobain.