Monday, August 28, 2006

Walter Cronkite to launch Couric as“Queen” of CBS News

By Stone Martindale
Aug 27, 2006, 19:00 GMT

America’s legendary anchorman, Walter Cronkite, will introduce Katie Couric on the new CBS Evening News according to exclusive reports by Matt Drudge of the Drudge report.

Drudge reports that Cronkite is just one of many stars and broadcast legends that will splash Couric onto the nightly news scene.

"It's going to be a who's who of Americana," a top CBS source said on Sunday.

Cronkite will do the introduction of Couric on opening night only, the source said.

CBS brass dismiss the suggestion that adding Cronkite is an attention-grabbing stunt.

"This is a bold statement of continuity and 'trust,' a commitment to the quality of the CBS EVENING NEWS," a top insider explained.

Peter Bart, Variety’s editor, in a column warned: "I realize media companies need to overhype everything, whether it's a new 'Pirates' movie or another faux 'American Idol'... but all this may be doing a disservice both to Couric's credibility and to network news... Will Couric actually tell us what's happening in the world or will she preside over a sort of mini-'Today' show, complete with its well-worn couch?"

Kurt Andersen in NEW YORK will applaud the coming Era Of Katie Couric:

"Making Couric the anchor and de facto face of CBS NEWS is a very smart, potentially even visionary choice... the real brilliance is that she's the first network anchor to have a quick, smart, mischievous sense of humor as a major part of her personal persona," Andersen explains. "If it's possible to rejuvenate TV news, Couric is among the last best hopes." Reported by Matt Drudge.