Friday, February 15, 2008

Heather means business in bizarre velvet power suit - and launches astonishing attack on Sir Paul

15th February 2008

Heather Mills today launched a stinging attack on Sir Paul McCartney as their bitter divorce battle looked set to continue into next week.

The former model, who arrived in a bizarre black velvet pinstriped suit and bright red shirt, hit out at Sir Paul for snubbing a fan who asked him to sign an album as he made his way into the Royal Courts of Justice.

The former Beatle, 65, refused to give his autograph, saying: "I can't sign that here."

Ms Mills, 40, criticised her estranged husband's behaviour as she chatted to the fan, named Joe, outside Court 34.

Final showdown: Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills arrive at the High Court today for what should be their final day in court. But the court has ruled Ms Mills cannot quiz Sir Paul about claims that he stabbed her with a broken glass

She said: "You should have told him that it's his fans who made him rich and famous. You put him where he is."

Ms Mills then autographed the fan's notebook, writing: "To Joe, lots of love, Heather Mills."

The fan, who would not give his full name, had asked Sir Paul to sign an original of the Beatles White Album.

Cross-examine: Heather, who is representing herself, is set to cross-examine her estranged husband for the first time today

The driver, 50, of Leytonstone, said: "I'm a lifelong fan of Sir Paul and the Beatles. I brought down my collection, the White Album, Abbey Road and the others, so he would sign them.

"I'm so disappointed that he wouldn't. I don't understand. He just said: "I can't sign that here."

"Heather was really nice about it. She signed my book and said I should tell him that it's fans like me who made him rich and famous. I guess she's right."

Meanwhile, the judge dealing with the divorce, Mr Justice Bennett, has booked the courtroom for the case on Monday.

Smug: Heather told a fan who was snubbed by Sir Paul that he should have been shown more respect by her one time spouse

A court spokesman said: "It will go on until Monday. It has not been booked beyond that yet, but it could be."

It is thought that Ms Millss decision to represent herself has caused proceedings to run on longer than expected.

She has reportedly crossexamined Sir Paul and his legal team.

Wry smile: Sir Paul, who arrived with top lawyer Fiona Shackleton, denied the allegations made by Heather that he attacked her

Ms Mills is seeking a record-breaking settlement of up to £100 million, including money for 24-hour security for her and the couple's four-year-old daughter, Beatrice.

Today, she sat in her Mercedes 4x4 for nearly 45 minutes after arriving at court while her friend and personal trainer, Ben Amigoni, 23, wheeled boxes of documents inside.

She then strode in with the rest of her entourage.

It also emerged today that Ms Mills will be barred from grilling Sir Paul McCartney in court over his alleged violent behaviour towards her during their four-year marriage.

But Mr Justice Bennett, the High Court judge who will decide the size of Ms Mills's divorce settlement, is expected to rule that claims of violence are irrelevant in determining how much money Sir Paul should pay his ex-wife.

In divorce papers leaked last year, Ms Mills, 40, accused Sir Paul, 65, of being violent towards her on four occasions, including being stabbed in the arm with a broken wine glass. The former Beatle denied the allegations.

A legal source said today: "The court does not like to air dirty linen in public. What people have done wrong in a marriage is not going to weigh on a judge's mind in deciding the size of a payout."

The case was due to conclude today but Mr Justice Bennett is understood to have made space available in his court diary allowing it to run into next week.