Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Phil Spector's "Innocence" Is Your MySpace Friend!


As the hung Phil Spector jury, sufficiently confused by the judge's introduction and subsequent retraction of instructions, retires again to the jury room to resume deliberations (this time armed with 12 foam marital-therapy bats), a mini-controversy has erupted:

[A] court official said an investigation was under way into a message that was posted Sunday on the Team Spector Web site on
The message, allegedly posted by Spector's wife, Rachelle, read, "I love Phil Spector!! The evil judge should DIE!!"

This is the first we've heard of an official Team Spector presence in the unlikely MySpace realm, and sure enough, some cursory Googling revealed a virtual shrine dedicated to the defendant's innocence, and steeped in a great many surreal touches.

(A spinning happy face lets you know Team Spector's mood is currently "creative.")

Among Spector's 228 MySpace friends: Sting, James Taylor, Carol King, and, most telling of all, the very ex-wife he reportedly held as a prisoner in her own home, Ronnie Spector. (Oddly enough, Spector's most loyal, slobbery defender was nowhere to be seen.)

As for new wife Rachelle's alleged sentiments regarding Judge Larry Paul Fidler, they have since been removed from the comments section; in its place are countless vows of solidarity from Phil's busty new online friends and some heartfelt gratitude "for the add" from the ghost of Lenny Bruce.