Friday, September 22, 2006

Broadcast media companies online reach 62 million every week, led by Yahoo! TV

How many broadcast media users are using the Internet for video and audio streams? According to the latest Nielsen/NetRatings NetView report, almost 62 million users in the U.S. every week.

That number is growing in line with broadband's growth. And has been helped by iTune's video iPod release from a year ago, as it's made TV and viral video viewing online a regular habit for web users.

While the viral video media trend attracts larger viewing audiences for places like YouTube, sites offering content from media TV and radio broadcasts are gaining audiences, too.

Here's some surprise:

* Online Broadcast User Demos: There are slightly more women than men consuming online broadcast media (51% vs 49%), mirroring the U.S. population. Online media broadcast (radio, TV and video) media users and MySpace users seem to be completely different. Users of online broadcast content tend to be mostly 35-54 years old (58%); only 8% are 12-17, 5% are 18-24 and 15% are 25-34. My Space users tend to be strongly 12-34 (72%)

* Online Broadcasting Sites: Yahoo! TV is the top online broadcast destination, with 4.4 million unique weekly users (3.4%), followed by Clear Channel (3.6 million unique users, spread among the 1200 radio stations that stream their broadcasts) and then the BBC, NBC Universal, AOL Television, Nick, MSN TV and CBS TV. (note: for comparison, comScore Media Metrix reports MySpace receives one billion page views daily but is not reported in the Top 10 for broadcast media by Nielsen/NetRatings, suggesting Fox's recent inclusion of video broadcasts (24, Nip/Tuck, etc.) on MySpace still doesn't have an audience yet.)

* TV Advertising Online: News Corp. (Fox/MySpace; 26% share) and Viacom (MTV Networks; 21% share) are the top TV broadcast advertisers online followed by GE (Universal/NBC) and Time Warner. Interestingly, PBS is 10th, ahead of Disney (ABC; 14th).

* Radio Advertising Online: Among radio broadcasters advertising online, XM currently dominates with 70% of all impressions (probably due to their free sample streaming through AOL; almost 8 million weekly impressions online). #2 is Minnesota Public Radio -- the Land of Lake Woebegon. Sirius distantly trails XM for online advertising.

Tables and info sourced from NetRatings and Center for Media Research posted by KennedyCS @ Friday, September 22, 2006,