Friday, June 15, 2007

Paris Hilton Axed From the Endeavor Agency Because of Jessica Alba?

By Julie Pike
Jun 15, 2007

Don't compare Jessica Alba to Paris Hilton. Jessica recently left stunned after a Brit journalist compared her to Paris Hilton, thanks to her new hairstyle. Alba was at the world premiere of her new movie Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer in London when Sky News reporter Neil Sean told her that she was taking hairstyle tips from jailed heiress Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton Axed From Agency Because of Jessica Alba?
Paris Hilton Axed From Agency Because of Jessica Alba?

"So you've got a bit of a Paris Hilton hairstyle going on in the film," Sean said. A reportedly miffed Alba replied: "I don't think it looks anything like Paris' hair actually."


The actress was later overheard telling a publicist that Sean had gone a bit too far comparing her to the ‘jailbird’. "Was he telling me I look like a jailbird? That was just so out of order," she reportedly told the publicist.

OK! Magazine is also reporting that when Paris was dropped by her agents at Endeavor on June 8, the powerhouse agency would only confirm that the jailbird heiress was "no longer a client." However, the magazine is reporting that it has learned that Endeavor was pushed by a number of the other A-list stars on their roster to kick the Simple Life star to the curb.

"They were getting a lot of pressure from bigger clients to get rid of Paris," an insider reveals exclusively to OK!. "None of them wanted to have the same agents as Paris; she’s an embarrassment to any real artist."


Ouch, that has to sting a bit while you are sitting in jail. According to the insider, it was Jessica Alba who tipped the scales against the hotel heiress. "Jessica is the anti-Paris - a real star who hates the silly L.A. party scene that Paris reigns over," explains the source. "She made it clear to the folks at Endeavor - either Paris goes or she goes."