Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tower Records Launches Online Music Store

By Antone Gonsalves,
TechWeb Technology News

Retailer Tower Records on Tuesday launched an online music store.

Tower Records Digital, powered by music service provider Puretracks, sells tracks for 99 cents each and full albums starting a $9.99 apiece. Both prices have become standard among many online music sites. Customers are able to listen to a 30-second song sample before purchasing.

Music sold through Tower Records will be copyright protected through Microsoft Corp.'s digital rights management technology. Downloads can be used on any player running Microsoft's Media Player.

In the coming months, Tower, based in Sacramento, Calif., plans to run simultaneously in-store and online promotions for CDs and downloads.

Among Tower Records other online services is a platform for creating music-intensive podcasts. The company has also partnered with MySpace, the popular social networking site, in promoting music events across the country.